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關于晨科商業與戶用支架的更多解決方案 請點擊這里



查閱更多晨科客戶的實際工程案例 請點擊這里


晨科有著多系列的支架方案,根據實際工程 做設計,推出更多的性價比高的方案,了解 更多晨科 請點擊這里......




Dear Clients,
Hopefully, this article will give you a comprehensive understanding of the fishery-PV complementary scaffold project. The fishery-PV complementary scaffold project is an innovative project combining green energy and fishery, aiming to achieve sustainable use of energy and conservation of fishery resources.
It is our pleasure to introduce to you the achievements of CHIKO Solar in this field. As a reputable manufacturer in the photovoltaic mounting industry, CHIKO has successfully carried out a series of fishery-photovoltaic complementary mounting projects, making a positive contribution to promoting the development of renewable energy.
The core concept of the fishery-PV complementary scaffold project is to build a photovoltaic power station in the water area and combine it with aquaculture and fishery. This kind of project makes full use of water surface resources and realizes the sustainable use of energy and the protection of fishery resources through solar power generation. At the same time, the construction of photovoltaic power plants can also provide fishermen with an additional source of income and boost the local economy.
CHIKO Solar has rich experience in the design and implementation of fishery-solar complementary bracket projects. We have thoroughly studied the characteristics of the water environment and designed a photovoltaic mounting system that can adapt to different water quality, wave and flow rate conditions. This kind of system can not only be stably fixed on the water surface, but also can withstand severe weather conditions such as wind and rain, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the system.
In addition, CHIKO attaches great importance to ecological and environmental protection. The scaffold is made of environmentally friendly materials to reduce the pollution of the water environment. At the same time, combined with the construction of photovoltaic power stations, the ecological restoration of water areas is carried out to promote the reproduction of aquatic organisms and the restoration of ecological balance.
In short, the fishery-PV complementary scaffolding project is an important innovation in the field of photovoltaic brackets, and it is also the perfect combination of renewable energy and fishery resource utilization. CHIKO has made remarkable achievements in this field, and our fishery-photovoltaic complementary scaffold project not only realizes the production and utilization of green energy, but also promotes the development of the local economy and the protection of the water ecological environment.
If you have any questions or needs about fishery-PV project information for reference or any question about mounting system, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you to advance renewable energy and build a cleaner and more sustainable world for the future.

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